Saras-3D is a unique hands-on learning solution which allows students to interact with virtual objects and really understand the science behind them . It is designed to help 9th to 12th graders excel in science and mathematics more efficiently by picking up style of learning that allows them to "learn by doing"

Saras-3D School Rolls Out Sponsorship Programme For Schools

Saras-3D School Rolls Out Sponsorship Programme For Schools

BW Education: Schools will be provided software and hardware designed specifically for 9th to 12th std students.

Saras-3D, stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning solutions, launches its sponsorship programme for schools across India. The aim of the sponsorship program is to give a thrust to a stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning experience, that uses the power of interactive visualisation, to develop a deeper understanding of science and mathematics concepts and promote faster learning and retention. As per the company, they will bring together partners that are willing to support deserving schools and students and provide them with the skill-sets that will enable them to compete on a global scale.

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