Genius 3D Learning 10-12 PCMB JEE+NEET

Rs. 125,000

What is Genius 3D Learning?

Genius 3D Learning is the revolutionary way of learning that empowers you to learn in a hands-on interactive environment using 3D models. This results in learning 2x faster, deeper understanding, and better recall.

Based on NCERT curriculum for 10-12th standards Maths, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology; Genius 3D Learning prepares you for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, and many more.

What does Genius 3D Learning Contain?

The world is in 3D then why should we struggle to learn in 2D? Our concept-based learning methodology guides you with real 3D interactions and gives you a 360-degree learning advantage.

With Genius 3D Learning you will:

  • Interact with 3D concepts (1st time in India)

  • Watch video lessons in 3D

  • Understand with In-detail topic description

  • Practice with Test, Quizzes and Exams


What will I get with this product?

You will receive

  • Genius 3D Learning application for 10-12th PCMB JEE+NEET. 3 year subscription to 1 user, i.e. 1 grade each year.

  • Genius 3D booster box

  • Genius 3D glasses and

  • A 24" monitor

enabling you to explore and learn topics with real visualizations in 3D.


What are the minimum requirements to have Genius 3D Learning? 

Genius 3D Learning works seamlessly on your existing Windows laptop/computer.

Requirements: Windows 10, i3 processor minimum, 8GB RAM, and HDMI/DP port.

  • Genius 3D Learning 10-12 PCMB JEE+NEET


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