Saras-3D is a unique hands-on learning solution which allows students to interact with virtual objects and really understand the science behind them . It is designed to help 9th to 12th graders excel in science and mathematics more efficiently by picking up style of learning that allows them to "learn by doing"

Vibrant Startup and Technology Summit 2019

Saras-3D Booth at VSTS 2019, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The Vibrant Startup and Technology Summit was organized at Ahmedabad Science City from 12-14 Dec, 2019. To keep the ‘Startup Movement’ going, GESIA IT Association along with the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat hosted a 3-day event full of experiential learning and networking that invited start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The exhibition at the event featured stalls from start-ups in various technologies including Cloud & Big Data, Sensors and Augmented reality, RFID, Telecom Operators etc. Saras-3D booth witnessed hundreds of people across these 3 days taking demo and expressing interest in 11th and 12th science subjects and topics.We exhibited our solution for individual learning - Drashta monitor and Android mobile app as well as group learning - Swan with 3D Projector.  3D demo as well as content of science subjects garnered a lot of interest amongst students, other start-up enthusiasts and young professionals.