Saras-3D is a unique hands-on learning solution which allows students to interact with virtual objects and really understand the science behind them . It is designed to help 9th to 12th graders excel in science and mathematics more efficiently by picking up style of learning that allows them to "learn by doing"

Shrida Joshi, Senior Marketing Manager, Saras 3D explains how the AR/VR solution can transform the learning methods for student @ Vibrant Gujarat Tech Summit 2020, Ahmedabad

"We want to make kids excited about science and mathematics"

• What is the USP of Saras 3D?

Saras 3D is the world’s first comprehensive stereoscopic AR-VR learning Solution. We have come up with 11th & 12th standard physics, chemistry and biology solutions in 3D interactive format because we believe that when you experience, you will learn better. We have got 3D interactive diagrams which can be rotated and revolved around 360 degrees.

There are pre recorded video lectures. The solutions are in form factors like background research, description analytics. There are a lot of quizzes like subject wise quizzes, chapter wise quizzes, and there is a personalized analytics to figure out if you are performing well or not. This can help 11th & 12th standard perform better in JEE & NEET exams because our syllabus is completely aligned to NCERT.

• What are the benefits for students from Saras 3D solution?

Our 3D interactive solution works on providing students with solutions which are making them excited about the future so that they learn better. They retain information better by experiencing. They end up spending a lot of time studying for entrance examinations.

Our solution is an interactive solution, and so they can use to learn all day our subject matter. They can learn about a topic ‘n’ number of times by repeating the videos or trying out our 3D models or our quizzes. There is no time limit essentially, and when they learn in 3D they will learn two times faster. That search actually has proven that when student learns through 3D interactive solution, their performances in classroom as well as in examination are raised. So, we think that they will perform better not just in entrance examination, but also in real-world situations in future when they become engineers or doctors.

What is the go-to-market strategy of Saras 3D?

Right now, our GTM strategy is essentially to reach out to the kids who are studying in tution classes, spending a whole lot of time there. Also those going to school in and spending time there but are unable to ask the teachers questions or doubts because they fear that they wll be ridiculed. We want to reach out to them and tell them that can ask questions. You can practice this one diagram or practice a subject ‘n’ number of times. Our GTM is going to be reaching out to students in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan via various online and offline mediums.

Our products are available for trial for one month in mobile form factor for free so they can try before they actually purchase.

We sell our projector system in the schools, so we get teacher to spend more time interacting while they do not have to draw diagrams and write mathematical solutions. That is our b2b approach that we want to go and reach out to schools. And our b2c approach is reaching out directly to students.

•What is your vision for 2020?

Our mission is that we want to create a lot of problem solvers and innovators for the world of tomorrow. We want to encourage the thought process where the kids are excited about science and mathematics.

• What are your future focus areas?

Right now, our solution is focused on 11th and 12th standard, but going forward we are going to target primary and high school students and make science and maths exciting for them. So for any kid around who is studying and is excited to study more, we want to make science and maths more fun for them. This should be not only in India, but across the globe.