Saras-3D is a unique hands-on learning solution which allows students to interact with virtual objects and really understand the science behind them . It is designed to help 9th to 12th graders excel in science and mathematics more efficiently by picking up style of learning that allows them to "learn by doing"

Innovation In 3D Technology Stereoscopic Learning

Innovation In 3D Technology Stereoscopic Learning

In this interview with CXOToday, the Saras-3D team talks about stereoscopic 3D learning and the school sponsorship program with CHARUSAT.

Saras-3D, the pioneer in stereoscopic 3D learning solutions for science and mathematics has now introduced this international learning and other best practices to India. It is a US-based ed-tech firm founded by Indian technocrats and operates in India through its wholly-owned subsidiary 3D EdTech Pvt Ltd. Mr. Bipin Dama, Founder, Saras Inc (Saras-3D) in a discussion with CXOToday shares his detailed insights on stereoscopic 3D learning solutions.

Q. Technology plays a vital role in 3D Learning. Explain with respect to Saras.

Saras-3D, Inc. is a dynamic start-up that combines technology innovators with educators to elevate and transform the learning experience for STEM students through stereoscopic 3D technology and interactive visualization. Genius 3D Learning is India’s premier stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning experience that brings complex STEM topics to life and helps students gain a deeper understanding of science and mathematical concepts. Whether in a classroom environment or individually in a lab, elements of VR and AR combine to create learning experiences that are immersive, interactive, and lifelike. Such an experience enables students to “learn by doing” in an environment where mistakes are reversible and there are no material costs or clean-up. Students can experiment and deeply understand the concepts in each subject.

Q. How does Saras-3D incorporate 3D in STEM education in shaping the new innovators of today?

Since its inception, Genius 3D Learning has centered on nurturing young minds to learn and retain knowledge through imagination and exploration, two vital ingredients for innovative thinking. Since layered, experiential learning helps students learn twice as fast, teachers use the 3D simulations to coach students to go deeper and better understand the nuances of complex concepts in more concrete and tangible ways. Each lesson becomes an engaging journey instead of a boring lecture. This results in excellent engagement, rekindled curiosity, and ultimately, deeper, more efficient learning for the entire class, giving each student a competitive edge that shapes them into innovators.

Q. How does Saras-3D help schools to give education - how is it beneficial for students and teachers as well?

With the rapidly changing world, India’s next generation of innovators and problem-solvers are under more pressure than ever to grasp a greater depth and breadth in STEM learning quickly. Teachers too are challenged to explain complex concepts immersively and thoroughly in less time. Charotar University of Science and Technology’s (CHARUSAT) sponsorship program is a golden chance for schools to transform education through Saras-3D’s stereoscopic 3D classroom and lab experiences.

Genius 3D Learning is NCERT-based and aligned to the CBSE and ICSE boards. The Genius 3D Learning Kit includes all of the necessary hardware and software, which consists of yearly subscriptions for 4 years for 9th to 12th grade Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. With it, students are empowered to explore and accumulate knowledge beyond the basic curriculum to compete globally.

Q. What are the benefits of the tie-up with CHARUSAT?

CHARUSAT is one of India’s top STEM universities. By developing inquisitive young minds, the path toward future innovations can be full of students who are fully prepared for solving the challenges the future may bring. Saras-3D and CHARUSAT joined forces to achieve this common goal. As a leading university, Charusat empowers the curious and ambitious minds of today. The university is looking to 9-12 grade students to nurture India’s future innovators. Deserving schools can take advantage of this opportunity and embrace technology that facilitates a culture of STEM. The School sponsorship program is a key part of building a nationwide STEM education ecosystem. We believe India has the talent and resources to produce the best STEM innovators of tomorrow. Under this tie-up, we will support schools to build a culture of STEM education, while promoting learning by doing methodology.

Q. Is Saras-3D looking out for future tie-ups with the other schools?

Yes, Saras-3D is open to future partnerships/tie-ups with other schools. We want deserving schools to come forward and take advantage of this opportunity and embrace technology that facilitates a culture of STEM. With Genius 3D Learning, both students and teachers benefit from high-quality, 3D interactive education.

Q. Since it’s a startup by a Technocrat, how do you see innovation?

Innovation requires the constraints of complex problems. By choosing to tackle a problem that affects the population in meaningful ways, you can create an innovative solution that can improve the quality of life for many. Our vision is to create an ecosystem for the proliferation of socially responsible and technically sound engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This will ultimately uplift society through education. We want to contribute towards the sustainable development of the nation by achieving excellence in technical education and research while facilitating the transformation of students into responsible citizens and competent professionals.