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Powerful Tips For Students To Be Interested In A Topic

Powerful Tips For Students To Be Interested In A Topic

  • JUNE 04, 2021

Losing interest in a particular topic is easy due to many factors such as dislike, feeling anxious about learning a tough one, or simply getting bored with the monotony. But when you come up with practical ways to resolve this issue, you automatically develop an interest in that particular topic. Here are a few tips that can powerfully work for you and make studies interesting, if followed wholeheartedly. 

  • Ask questions to make a topic interesting. 

There are always those topics that interest us the least, and trying to learn or understand them feels like a challenge. In such cases, start by asking questions to yourself like:

Which part of this topic can I start with?

Why do I hate it so much?

What is the purpose of this topic in real life?

Whose research brought this into education, and how does it affect us?

Add more if you would like to. 

When you ask these questions and find answers, you dig a little deeper into the topic's background. This will help you lay the foundation to start working on it and be interested to learn more. As you ask more questions, you develop an inquisitive mind, enabling your brain to be more inclined towards it. 

  • Shift your perspective.

It is undoubtedly tough to study a particular topic you dislike or do not care for. Shift your focus from the original pages and try viewing the topic from a broader outlook. Find out things like the type of careers pursued from this topic or how the method you are studying helps solve everyday problems.

This will help you understand the application of knowledge elsewhere in life and make it more enjoyable. You can change your perspective in a more precise way. For example, if you aim to be an engineer but do not like maths, know that performing better in maths is the stepping stone to accomplishing your career goal.

  • Associate the topic with your daily life. 

One reason that you lose interest in a particular topic is that you fail to see its significance in your life. So understanding some of the inspiring and beneficial ways of a topic would be helpful to take away the boredom from studying. 

For instance, a few English topics can teach you the art of literary language and communication. This knowledge will help you understand how an advertising industry works by using catchy slogans and one-liners. 

Topics of History can help you understand when popular books, television shows, movies, etc., are based on historical events (and have fun pointing out when they get things wrong). You can take examples of these topics depicted in shows like Jhansi Ki Rani and others that showcase the history of ancient India.

Similarly, you can utilize Math topics in many practical life circumstances like calculations, interest rates on loans, and taxes as per a person's salary. They can also help you understand how geometry works in different structures of the world. 

  • Analyze your beliefs. 

If you have already made up your mind about a topic being dull or not helpful, or are generally not interested in it, dig deeper into your beliefs that can be holding you back. Identifying these beliefs and removing them will enable you to break them and motivate them to study that topic. 

For example: 

If you are not interested in studying a topic of Science that needs you to create diagrams, think about whether anyone ever mocked you for being bad at drawing. If that or any other similar case is true, you can come out of it by seeking help from your teacher, mentor, or a friend who can help you improvise. 

By doing so, you will take responsibility for your studies and also bring the lost interest. Talking to your friends about why they like a topic you dislike and seeing if they could explain the fun parts will also help you.

Closing Thoughts 

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