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How to Make the Most of Your Smart Board

How to Make the Most of Your Smart Board

  • SARAS-3D
  • APRIL 24, 2023

Smart boards have made their way into classrooms all over the world. These interactive whiteboards offer a more engaging learning experience for students and make presenting information to a class much easier for teachers. If you’re transitioning to digital teaching and are looking to start using a smart board in your classroom, here are some tips to get you started.

Create Engaging and Interactive Lessons

Smart boards make it easy to create engaging and interactive lessons because you can include multimedia content such as videos, images, and interactive games. Customizable content platforms like Genius 3D empower you to create lessons that are tailored to your students’ needs and make difficult concepts easy to understand. These interactive lessons help students to grasp concepts faster, retain the information better, and reduce testing anxiety.

Encourage Student Participation

A smart board is a great tool for encouraging student participation. You can use the smart board to create interactive polls or quizzes that your students can answer using their own devices, or you can use the built-in collaboration tools to create group activities that require students to work together. Use the pen to draw diagrams, highlight important points, and annotate your slides to keep your students engaged and actively participating in the lesson. By encouraging student participation, you’re promoting a more active and engaged learning experience which can lead to better retention of the material.

Make Use of Platform Integrations

In addition to using the smart board to present your own content, you can also leverage a content platform like Genius 3D that integrates seamlessly with your smart board. By having all of the content you need easily accessible in one place, you don’t have to search the internet to find images or videos that relate to your current lesson or sift through several platforms and channels to find the right resource.

Incorporate Different Learning Styles

Smart boards allow you to incorporate different learning styles into your lessons. For example, if you have students who learn better through hands-on activities, you can use the interactive tools on the board to create activities that require students to interact with the board using touch or gesture-based commands. Alternatively, if you have visual learners in your class, you can use images, videos, and other multimedia content to help reinforce your content.

Foster Collaboration

Smart boards deepens collaboration within the teaching community. For example, Genius 3D lets you save your best work and share it with other teachers. By sharing ideas and learning from each other, teachers benefit from crowdsourced knowledge and creativity.

In conclusion, a smart board gives teachers the ability to make lessons more interactive, accessible, and engaging. With the right combination of a smart board and content platform, you can make it easier for students to learn and retain essential concepts. You can deepen student-teacher engagement, simplify difficult concepts, and inspire students to achieve their best. Learn more about Genius 3D Learning, click here.