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7 STEM Jobs To Look Out For In The Upcoming Years

7 STEM Jobs To Look Out For In The Upcoming Years

  • MARCH 11, 2022

Back in the ‘90s, who would have thought of jobs like Social Media Manager, YouTuber, Streamer, and other similar ones? Even a few years ago, people were unsure of going for such job profiles. However, today, we can see a plethora of such job openings. These career paths are now helping professionals build remarkable lives. 

While change is constant and we can not predict the future, we can still look at the current research and trends to better understand what might come next. So here are the 7 STEM jobs that may establish their place in the upcoming years.

1. 3D Printing Engineers

3D printing has started transforming many industries such as medical applications, creation and fabrication, home construction, and food. It will bring in more revolution in other sectors, with education most likely being next. So, there will be a severe need for engineers who can make 3D printing faster and cheaper. Moreover, we would need professionals who can operate, supervise, and maintain these technological sections.

2. Drone Specialists

Drones have gradually established a place among essential accessories used in professional tasks. Various services such as food delivery and advanced level jobs like outer space exploration are using drones extensively. For years, the military has also been using drones to carry out tasks like monitoring, data collection, etc. Needless to say, there may be an upsurge in drone uses moving forward. Hence, we will need STEM professionals to design systematic, sustainable, and lightweight drones. 

3. Autonomous Vehicle Engineers

Major automobile manufacturers are now shifting towards autonomous vehicles. Some are also investing a great deal of money in these electric and self-driving vehicles, looking to meet future demand. Students who prepare for this type of STEM career will be able to engineer these vehicles and develop related AI-powered software systems.

4. Robot System Servicing

Automated processes are pacing up as we are heading towards the future. Things like quick health check-ups, ordering food, shopping for groceries, and similar tasks can be fulfilled by robots. However, we need professionals who can design and maintain these systems that run these automated services and robots. An expert technician can service and run machine checks to keep the systems running smoothly. 

5. AR and VR Makers

We have already started using Augmented and Virtual Reality in our lives. The usage of AR and VR in the future will center on drastically upgrading our lifestyles. Medical treatments, advertisements, and other tasks can be transported to the virtual realm. We have also started seeing an improvement in the education world with AR and VR. Both teachers and students are finding it easier to teach and learn concepts respectively with the help of 3D visualization. So there will be a high demand for virtual reality makers and related professionals.

6. Green Power Engineers

With the depletion of conventional energy resources and excessive pollution impacting the environment, we need to find different energy resources. Sustainable energy sources like water, solar, and wind will support our future requirements.

So it is even more critical to find ways to harness such energy and stop the probable turmoil in this industry. That is where green power engineers or scientists would be needed to harness these energies and develop such systems.

7. Future Farming

The global population is increasing with time, which brings our focus to a crucial aspect - food. Researchers are already finding ways to yield more products by using less water and soil in farming. This is where innovators can combine all the STEM domains, i.e., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Therefore, we would require more specialists in botany and agriculture to develop future-driven farming solutions. 

Wrapping Up

With A.I. taking over large areas in life, we need STEM experts who have the skills needed for these emerging roles. Students who prepare through a STEM education will have endless options and possibilities for their careers as this sector continues to innovate.